• Are your loose glitters safe with contact on skin? 
Yes! Our loose glitters are made from non-toxic plastic that is safe with skin contact.

  • Are your products Cruelty-free and Vegan?
Here at Glittertubes, we are strictly against any form of animal testing.All our products are free from animal cruelty and ingredients we use are either synthetic,vegetable or plant/mineral derived.  
  • In what ways can i use your glitters?
You can use our glitters in a variety of ways. Use, along with our GT Loose Glitter Juice to apply to skin to minimize fall-out or in acrylic/gel nails. Be as creative as you like.

  •  What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment from Visa, Mastercard and AMEX as well as Paypal.

  •  Do you ship worldwide? 
Indeed we do! At check-out shipping options, simply select your region for delivery. For more information about shipping, please read our Shipping section which can be found on the footer of our website.

  • Do you accept returns?
We do. For more information regarding this, please read our Returns section which can be found on the footer of our website.

  •  Do you do collaborations?
Due to the very high volume of collaboration inquiries we receive, we are unfortunately not taking on any more collaborations for the moment. For newest/ future collaboration updates, please check our Instagram @Glittertubes 

Have a question? If so, send us an email at contact@glittertubes.co.uk  and we will get back to you :)